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We added a lot new Galleries and Pics
You can see them :: HERE ::


And we have added new Vids to our
Vid.ME !

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I met Roman Reigns in Hannover !
Thanky you Roman ! Thank you for taking the Time and
signing Autographs and taking Pictures. !
I cant express how blessed i feel and how happy i am !
Thank you !!!
You can see more Pics in our :: Gallery ::


We added Candids from the Livevent in Hannover to our
Gallery !
We also uploaded Digitals from Nürnberg and added some other Galleries.
Take a look  :: HERE ::

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Roman Reigns granted Yannis Wish in Düsseldorf/Germany
Feb 22, 2017 ! Digitals are now up on our Gallery !

Roman Reigns talked about traveling & being in Germany !
The Video is on our Vid.ME now !

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