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Leati Joseph Anoai (born May 25, 1985) is an american professional wrestler, former football player and member of the legendary anoai Family ! He is signed to the WWE, where he performs under the ring Name Roman Reigns on the Raw brand !
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Dear Roman Empire !
There is a Faker on FB using our Banners and Style.
We already made a Copyright Complaint and will take further Stepts
to take the Faker down.!!!
WE only have ONE ! FB Site and its this one —> :: RR Empire FB Site ::
All other Sites u may find with our Banners/Logos are FAKE !
The RR Empire Staff !

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 – Roman Reigns will not be competing at TLC this Sunday –
Due to medical Issues he wont be at the PPV.
Dear Roman, we wish u all the best and we are sending u much Love.
Get well soon. We miss You 😘🌺
You can find more Infos :: Here ::



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Roman Reigns had some special Visitors backstage at Raw on
Monday (Oct 16, 2017) !
His precious little Cousins visited him.
Please show your Love & Support and (Like & Follow) his Cousin
“Kit Kat” who is battling NF (Neurofibromatosis)
This is her FB Site —> :: Cataleya´s Crusade ::


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You can find Raw Digitals and Screencaps in our :: Gallery ::
Watch Raw on our VideoChannels

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We have added an exclusive Album to our Gallery !
Liveevent Candids made by Roman Fan Kerstin at Liveevents
in Germany in 2016/2017 !
© WWE Kerstin twitter.com/WWEKerstin
!!! Dont use or post/repost/tweet the Pics without her Permission !!!
You can see the Pics here in our  :: Gallery ::

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