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Roman was a Guest for an Interview with the https://sagerstrongfoundation.org/
The Interview will be fetaured during National Blood Cancer Awareness Month in September —
more to come soon !

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Roman Reigns was a Guest on this Week´s Episode of
R – Truth Gameshow on the WWE Network.
You can find Video Screencaps in our :: Gallery ::
And you watch the Video on the WWE Network, or Roman´s Segment our Videochannels


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Get ready. The Big Dog Roman Reigns and

on the next episode of The #RTruthGameShow
dropping THIS TUESDAY !

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Its always gresat to see new Pics of Roman.
Roman posted a new Pic on his :: Instagram Account ::  Story.
Its so great to see him happy and healthy. !
We miss your and cant wait to see you back in the Ring.

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The Big Dog posted a fitness Progress – Update on his :: Instagram :: Account.
He posted a short Workout Video. You can see :: here ::
And he also posted a Pic to show off his Progress.
So great to see him doing well, healthy and happy !!!
Hard Work an Dedication pays off. Joe/Roman you rock. !
Roman keeps everyone talking, the Haters cry
and even Sports Media/MainstreamMedia talk about it.
Article by :: Essentially Sports ::
Article by :: The Sun ::

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In an recent Interview with thehindu.com
Roman Reigns talks fatherhood, family and making a comeback into the ring
Read the Interview :: Here ::

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Roman Reigns was one of Jeff Jarrets Interview Guests for Jeff´s “Roundtable Talk”.
They did a Livestream to raise Awareness for the :: LLS ::
You can watch Roman´s Interview on our :: Youtube Channel ::


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