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Dear Joe / Roman.
Thank you for taking the Time to read this.
Im sure your are very buisy and dont have much time. So, thank you.

Hope you and your Family are doing well.
You probably think im crazy lol..
Cause i booked a Cameo again. My 3rd now.

Since i have to pay for every DM on Cameo i send you (even answers to your DM´s),
i thought its better and easier to book a full Cameo again.
I have a few Requests for you. Nothing crazy, dont worry 🙂
Remember i asked u for a special Favor via DM ?
I just have 2 other little Requests.
Having a little bit of a tough Time right now and could need your Positivity.
So here we go.
The Cameo is booked privatly anyways so i can cut the Video like it need it. 🙂


1. Can you do an nice “Intro” Message/Shoutout for my Fansite & Social Media please ?
Something like, for example:
” This is Roman Reigns, welcome to theromanreignsempire.com !  Make sure to visit and follow their/the Social Media… ”
Its just an example, do how you like and think its best. I leave this up to you.
:: Fansite Twitter :: and :: Fansite Instagram ::
I know u dont follow any Fan Accounts or Sites. Very Understandable.
But maybe one Day i will lucky enough to get a Retweet or Like, that would be amazing. 🙂
(I was afraid to even write this, its bad isnt it ? hahah…but hey no risk no fun, right ? *lol*)

2. Can you please give me some Advice on how to deal with Haters and negative People ?
I normally brush it off and block and move forward and pay them no mind.
But its not easy sometimes. And it also can kinda takes its toll, mentally.
I had to deal with Hate & Negativity from some People lately. And i dont even know why they target me.
How can i deal with negative People the best Way ?
What is the best Way to not let the Hate & Negativity get to you to much ? any Advice ?
(Both, personal and also in regards of the FanSite.)


Again, thank you so much for your Time.
I will continue to do my very best to support you. I hope u like my Site and what i do

and approve of it.
As u maybe notice im very passionate about all of this and take pride in what i do.
I put a lot of work, time , effort and heart & Passion in all of this.
Its my Way of “giving back” :), ofcourse always with the utmost respect for you and your Family. !

You do a lot for me without even knowing.  You inspire and Motivate me.
made me love my Life again, because of you i startet to travel and go to events and enjoy life 🙂
I came out of my shell and have a way better & more positive Mindset now. So, Thank YOU.

We all miss you and love you. Cant wait to see you back in the Ring.
xoxo Jana

PS: maybe on Day, when all of Crazyness & this Pandemic is over.
Maybe there is a chance to meet you.
We dont have any Axxcess Events or special Meet & Greets in Europe at all. Sadly 🙁
So the chances are almost zero…
But i will not give up Hope, to thank you personally one Day.

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