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!!! Attention : Scam Warning !!!
Dear RomanEmpire. Please be carefull. There are many Scammers out thre claiming to be Joe/Roman.
These Scammer pretend to be Joe/Roman´s personal Accounts on Social Media.
*Roman only has his verified official Accounts, he has NO
private/personal or secondary Accounts !!!

Some of the Scammers go as far as claiming that Roman has GMail and that u can contact him there. THATS FAKE !!!
Dont fall for this. Roman is NOT on Gmail.
If Roman wanted to contact his Fans, he would do so via his official verified Social Media !
Please be aware, Roman is
NOT on Gmail
NOT on Whats APP
NOT on Hangouts
He has NO personal/private Social Media Accounts.
He only has his VERIFIED & OFFICIAL Accounts.
Below u see an Email i got from one of the Fake/Scam Roman Reigns Mailadresses.
These People try to find Victims they can scam out of Money.
If u get contacted by these People, block and report !

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