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!!! Attention !!!

Sadly i have to do it again. Another warning/Awareness Post.
There are many People on FB & other Social media Accounts who claim to be
Roman Reigns/Joe Anoai.
The claim to be his personal Account/Profile.
Roman/Joe has NO personal FB Account or Profile !!!
He only has his official verified accounts, NO other ones.
Please be very carefull, these People are fake, they are Scammers trying to find Victims. !!!

Shown in the Pic above,  are two Scammers who contacted me.
They pretended to be Roman.
* Pay Attention to their Profile Urls/Usernames !!!
A lot of Times the Username already makes it very clear that it is a Scammer !!!
Both have been reportet to WWE & FB !

Spread Awareness, share & be carefull !!!

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