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Wrestlemania 34 Axess Tickets are Available now !
It´s your Chance to meet your Favorite WWE Superstar.
Meet Roman Reigns , Saturday April 7, 2018
Get your Tickets :: HERE ::

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4 responses to “Romna Reigns – Wrestlemania Axxess”

  1. crazydepths says:

    If I win the lottery the next couple months I will be going there and I will take Jana & some other friends with me!!!!

  2. Claudia says:

    Wäre schön dabei zu sein aber leider bekommen wir nicht das Glück. Würde gerne Roman Reigns oder ein paar andere WWE Stars treffen wollen. Aber da muss man wohl im Lotto gewinnen. *lol*

  3. crazydepths says:

    Sadly true, if there would be a WrestleMania in Europe. Damn, I would be there. Or even live shows, we get the chance only 2 or three times a year.