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Leati Joseph Anoai (born May 25, 1985) is an american professional wrestler, former football player and member of the legendary anoai Family ! He is signed to the WWE, where he performs under the ring Name Roman Reigns on the Raw brand !
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Digitals and Screencaps from Tribute to the Troops 2017 have
been uploaded to our :: Gallery ::
Watch the Match of the Shield vs the Bar & Samoa Joe, its up on our Vimeo !

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Digitals and Screencaps from Raw Dec. 11, 2017
have been added to our :: Gallery ::
Raw (Roman´s Match) is up on our Videochannels !

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Digitals and Candids of Roman Reigns at WWE Live Abu Dhabi
(Day 2 / Dec. 8, 2017) have been added to our :: Gallery :: !

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The WWE is currently in AbuDhabi & India for Liveevents.
The WWE Superstars did Interviews and Appearances
before the Liveevent today.
You find Candids (& Digitals) in our :: Gallery ::
And we also posted some Videos on our :: FB Site :: and :. Instagram ::

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