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If this does not make you happy ? i dont know what will…
Who knew they could sing so well ♫♪
Carpool Karaoke Fun with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins 😊
This Episode aired March 12, 2020
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After his Win over Corbin at SSD, the Big Dog challenged Goldberg
for the Universal Chmapionship on SD this Week !
You can find Digitals & Screencaps in our :: Gallery ::
And u can watch Roman´s Segement on our Videochannel
:: Roman on SD ::


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The Big Dog was on WWE´s “The Bump” February 19, 2020 !
The Bigg Dog joined the WWE “The Bump” Team via  Video Call.
You can watch the Video on our :: Videochannel ::


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It doesn’t get more real than this!
These are the same gloves that Roman Reigns 
wears during his matches !
Never before available. Be the Big Dog
& let everyone know who runs the yard with the
Roman Reigns Deluxe Authentic Glove & Gaunlet Set! Exclusively at

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Roman Reigns as Giant Kizin in Disney’s “ElenaOfAvalor”  Giant Steps Episode !
(aired Febr. 7, 2020 on Disney Channel)
Watch the Video :: Here ::


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